Adopting the Eden Alternative

Our community involves animals including dogs, cats and fish. Not only do the animals provide unconditional love, but also require love and attention in return. Plants are another part of our community, which in addition adds warmth, worth and pleasure to life.

The weaving together of our philosophy and Person Centered Care are a means to an end -- creating a stimulating environment that will promote wellness, happiness and superior quality of life.

The nature of the human spirit is based on the nurturing of other living creatures, creating purpose and meaning to ones life.


It is our philosophy that each resident has been entrusted into our care and that we treat each one with dignity, kindness and utmost consideration. The self worth of each individual is our primary concern as we assist them in the achievement of a high quality of life.

Our residents are encouraged to be independent in thought and action. Opportunities are provided for individuals to share values and to maintain their beliefs.

Adopting Cultural Change

Valley View Nursing Center has embraced the concept of Person Centered Care. We believe that Person Centered Care is a harmonious enhancement to our current philosophy.

Person Centered Care is a way of thinking about nursing homes and the people that reside there. The concept is providing a home where we would want to live, where relationships are built and where care is resident centered. Resident quality of life is enriched with choice, dignity and autonomy.

The Person Centered Care Model of living: